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My function is to serve the client's needs as an inspector, consultant, arbitrator and expert witness. I do not broker, sell or install wood floors or materials. Mike Urban Flooring Inspections is an independent consulting firm, specializing in the science of wood floor behavior, forensic analysis, wood floor failure, moisture related failure, product defects, product performance and product installation. All of these are included within our field of expertise.

What I do for you:

In this complex business world correct answers are never easy to find. Information and advice must be accurate and timely so that you can take advantage of every situation. I am committed to serving you with truth and faithfulness, so take full advantage of the information contained herein.

Mike Urban Flooring Inspections goes to great lengths to inspect and evaluate wood flooring with unmatched quality and precision. Client's engaging our services enjoy unequaled service and ultimate satisfaction. I do not do "hurry up" work, so the quality of our wood flooring inspections and consultations are consistently high.

Mike Urban Flooring Inspections:

  • Has extensive experience in every segment of the wood flooring industry from wood flooring manufacturing plant operations to residential project development, design, product installation and product performance evaluation. 
  • Has years of extensive field experience, coupled with specific technical knowledge. These are the cornerstones of my professional practice. Through ongoing formalized training programs, technical publications and active participation in leading industry associations. 
  • Able to stay current with new up to date technologies and latest materials that drive the wood flooring industry.
  • Represent your interests pertaining to questionable installation practices, poor workmanship, product defects, product failure, moisture intrusion and product selection. On the legal side we provide Litigation Support, Expert Witness Report Writing, and Expert Witness Testimony.

 So whether you need assistance resolving an installation problem, cause, cure or disputes, I can help. Many clients purchase homes and later discover wood flooring problems that were not disclosed by the seller or reported by their home inspector. These issues may have been camouflaged and some may have been in plain view but missed. Regardless of the reason, you may need our help reaching a settlement with responsible parties for oversights, omissions, and in some instances fraud.

We are members of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Certified Professional Wood Flooring Inspectors. I provide a level of comfort to clients looking for answers to wood flooring issues that are known, unknown or undisclosed.

Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Laminate, and Bamboo flooring issues are our expertise.


  • Homeowners: People like you with wood flooring issues or disputes with contractors who need professional advice or Expert Witness service.
  • Law firms: Attorneys who need litigation support experts to help build their case and testify as their Expert Witness.
  • Remodelers: Individuals or companies who find themselves in a dispute with their clients and need our services to resolve wood flooring issues, or they may call on us for expert help on technical points regarding an installation or house framing issue.
  • Residential and commercial builders: Builders needing help to resolve wood flooring issues and disputes that arise after the sale of a home. It may be an issue relating to installation, sub-contractor error or manufacturing defects.
  • Wood flooring installers and/or finishers: Contractors who engage our services to help settle disputes and seek advice in ways to help improve their services.
  • Wood flooring distributers and retailers: Sellers of wood flooring products who find themselves party to a dispute or law suit engage our services to determine their responsibility, if any. The dispute could be delivery and installation of the wrong floor, questionable installation or manufacturing defects.
  • Expert wood flooring installers: Installers with discriminating specialty and taste engage our services to pinpoint flaws and oversights in high end work before completing their assignments.
  • Designers who specify and expect a quality wood floor appearance, performance, and longevity. 
  • Insurance Companies: Claims dispute and settlement.