Mike Urban NWFA Certified Flooring Inspections

                      Got Flooring Problems? 

      Investigation and analysis of flooring problems and failure. 

  In-depth and detailed NWFA Certified Wood Floor Inspector will    find out what is the cause of your flooring claim, photo document the findings, and state a conclusion of who is the responsible party.                                     Call now before things get worse. 

          Free Phone Consultation:   847 885-0120                               Serving all of Illinois and Wisconsin   

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NWFA Floor inspector

I have a wood floor problem and I need help.

 Stop Worrying! 

Simply call or email me and your flooring problems are one step closer to being over.  You paid good money to enjoy a beautiful long lasting floor and my NWFA Certified Inspection will discover, document, and reach a conclusion on the cause of your claim.

  My flooring inspections are specialized in the science of wood floor behavior, wood floor failure analysis, moisture related failure, product defects, product performance, and product installation inadequacy.  This in-depth inspection will discover whats wrong.

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Mike Urban

hardwood floor inspector

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wood flooring inspection

Mike Urban 

NWFA Certified Wood Floor Inspection

Serving IL and WI

with the best expert inspection

and detailed reporting. 


Mike Urban Certified Flooring Inspection Credentials 

  • National Wood Floor Association Certified Professional Inspector, NWFA License #CP224808.
  • North American Laminate Flooring Association Certified Inspector NALFA
  • IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector  License # 2643.
  • FCITS Hard Surface Inspector.
  • FCITS Commercial Carpet Inspector.
  • WFCA World Floor Covering Association Certified Professional.

Certified Professional Wood Flooring Inspector (NWFACP)

     The NWFA is recognized as the hardwood flooring industry’s watchdog and is highly regarded by wood flooring professionals throughout North America.  Many domestic and foreign wood flooring manufacturers and suppliers are also members of this association. 
    The NWFA encompasses all sectors of the wood flooring industry and provides the standards and guidelines that are recommended for manufacturers, distributors, installers, sanders and finishers.  These standards and guidelines are the industry benchmarks for the proper manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wood floors.
  • Mike Urban is a highly trained and recognized as a professional NWFA Certified Wood Floor Inspector.
  • NWFA Certified Wood Floor Inspector License #CP224808 is current and registered by the NWFA. 
  • Mike Urban Certified NWFA inspection reports and inspection techniques are focused on in-depth validation of facts, principals, knowledge and integrity.
  • NWFA Certified Wood Floor inspections include: Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, and Laminate flooring.
  • NWFA Installation Guidelines and Technical Publications are the worlds wood flooring recognized reference. 


NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspector Essentials and Skills 

  • Knowledge and ability to gather facts.
  • Assemble evidence and claim history.
  • Trained knowledge of the professional digital measuring instruments .
  • Advanced photo documentation.
  • Reference correctly to NWFA or Manufacturers Specified Guidelines.
  • Reach the right conclusion.
  • Generate a detailed and accurate inspection report.
  • Myriad of flooring inspections analyzed, solved, and expertly documented.


NWFA Technical and Compliance  

  • NWFA Report Writing School Certification of technical report writing and documentation.
  • Completed classroom study, written examinations, and case scenario requirements for Professional Certification and License.
  • Completed wood flooring inspections and technical report writing "compliance" reports for NWFA Certified Professionals, Inc. 

North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA)

  • Mike Urban is a highly trained NALFA Certified Inspector. 
  • This certification increases the inspector's credibility in laminate flooring inspections.
  • Certified inspectors are listed on the NALFA Certified Inspector website.
  • Certified inspectors are privileged to access technical support services of NALFA.
  • NALFA Certified inspectors are updated on technical innovations in laminate flooring.


NWFACP Accreditation for NWFA Certified Inspector
  • Completed mandatory one year probation provisional wood flooring inspector and consultant.
  • Earned CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL NWFA Wood Flooring Inspector Certification. 
  • Issued in June of 2008 from the NWFA National Headquarters in St. Louis, MO.
  • NWFA Professional License # CP224808. 
NWFA Wood Basics School
Completed a second course study for Certified Professional Wood Flooring Inspectors at NWFA national headquarters in greater St. Louis, MO.  School studies entailed:
  • Job Site Conditions
  • Proper Handling and Storage
  • Site Preparation
  • Subfloor Requirements
  • Wood Technology
  • Sanding and Finishing
  • Environmental Information
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Moisture Testing
  • Referencing Installation Guidelines
  • Manufacturers Specifications


North Carolina State University 

Department of Forest Biomaterials Wood Products Extension / Dr. Phil Mitchell, Dr. David Tilotta
Completed the Wood Flooring Education Guild four day workshops under the direction of: 
Dr. David Tilotta, , NC State University.

Dr. Phil Mitchell, Department of Forest Biomaterials, NC State University.

Howard Brinkman, MBA University of Massachusetts.

Students were taught and examined in mechanics, discovery and disclosure techniques of Moisture Migration and Movement in Homes, Wood and Wood Flooring Exposed to Moisture. The Basics of Wood Shrinkage, and Advanced Wood Shrinkage. Strong emphasis was placed on, but not limited to, the following studies:

  • Psychometrics and Wood Moisture
  • Application of Psychrometrics
  • Calculating Moisture Content
  • Strategies for Moving Air in Heating/Cooling Climates
  • Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) and its affect
  • Sources of Moisture in the Home
  • The Role of Heat Transfer
  • Mold in the Home
  • Theoretical Development of (Restrained) Shrinkage Stresses in Wood
  • Restrained Shrinkage and Swelling in Wood
  • Moisture Gradients in Drying Wood
  • Moisture Change and Stress Damage to Wood
  • Strategies for Controlling Moisture in Homes
  • Effects of Shrinkage on Wood and Engineered Wood Flooring


NALFA / North American Laminate Flooring Association Inspector Certification. Completed classroom studies and successfully passed the Laminated Flooring Products Inspector Certification Examination. Mike Urban certified by the NALFA to professionally inspect engineered and laminated flooring products.


Wood University
Completed NWFA accredited course study in Engineered Wood Basics.  Study in underlayment plywood, understanding wood products, characteristics, standards, system applications, I-joist applications, and structural joist systems in homes.

School of Surface Technology
Completed NWFA accredited course study in Sanding and Finishing.  Studies in finish types, applying finish requirements, staining and finish problems, sanding and screening, sanding sequences, sanding problems and causes.

NWFA Intermediate Sand and Finish School
Completion of the  NWFA certified course at the NWFA National Headquarters in greater St. Louis, MO.
School studies entailing hands-on techniques of subfloor preparation, advancement in sanding of wood flooring, and the proper application of sealers and finishes.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 
Department of Sustainable Biomaterials Professors: Dr. Joseph R Loferski, Dr. Brian Bond, Dr. Daniel P. Hindman

Introduction to Wood Science and Wood Properties

Introduction to Engineered Wood Properties

Studies in Solid Wood Science

This study includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wood anatomy
  • Wood terminology
  • Wood properties related to longitudinal, tangential and radial
  • Microscopic identification of wood species using state of the art microscopes
  • Microscopic details of wood species, thickness of cell walls, arrangement of cells, cell types, resinous cell canals and distribution, non-resinous (color, smell, texture and transition)
  • Calculations and Formulas for reaching moisture content and conclusions

Engineered Wood Properties

The purpose of this study is to develop the student's understanding of wood composites and engineered floor products, and how they perform under various controlled and uncontrolled conditions.


Moisture Testing Techniques

The study teaches proper use and handling of moisture testing equipment. Included is hands-on use of various types of moisture meters by manufacturers, testing known and unknown wood for moisture content of different species and cell arrangements.


Calculations and Formulas

Included in this study are calculations and formulas students use in calculating board shrinkage and swelling, moisture change in pounds of water gained per percent (%) increase in moisture content, and formulas used in calculating moisture increase (gallons per board foot/square foot, and per 1,000 board feet/square feet).


Virginia Tech University Engineering Laboratory

The VT School of Engineering laboratory is recognized as one of the finest in the world. It is fitted with the best wood testing equipment, which includes "Janka Hardness Test" equipment. Students are taught how solid wood species of various dimensions are tested for hardness, bending moment, wood failure under compression and tension using various equipment, methods and techniques.

  • Introduction to Wood Science for Flooring Inspectors
  • Moisture Change and Stress Damage to Wood from Shrinkage and Swelling
  • Engineered Wood Structure and Properties
  • Water and Wood Interactions
  • Causes of Cracks, Splits, and Checking in Wood
  • Moisture Sources in Homes and Buildings
  • Drying Processes and Drying Defects
  • Driving Forces of Moisture
  • Subfloors and Vapor Barrieres
  • Wood Floor Equilibrium Moisture Content
  • Wood Floor Testing Needs and Variability
  • Proper Moisture Meter Testing and Accurate Data Retrieval

NWFA Technical Manual Committee Publication: Problem-Causes And Cures Technical Study C200
In-depth and comprehensive Nwfa certified study workshop of flooring inspection and proper determination of flooring problems. Taught by Nwfa certified installation instructors and manufacturers technical department professionals. 
This study includes, but is not limited to:
  • Exterior and Interior Jobsite Evaluation.
  • History of the wood flooring.  
  • Determining the problem.
  • Discovery protocol.
  • Claim discovery of site related problems, flooring inadequacies, and real life claim troubleshooting.
  • Claim study of jobsite problems: buckling, checks, compression set, crowning, cupping, delamination, dents, end-lifting, face-checking, flooded floors, normal gaps, abnormal gaps, panelization, shack, sanding marks, and more...
  • Claim study of jobsite finish problems: applicator streaks, bleed back bubbles, chipping, cloudy finish, cratering, crawling, discoloration, early finish wear, orange peel, grain raise, sidebonding, stains, uneven sheen levels, and more...
  • Finding the cause.
  • Documenting the inspection.

2014 Hanley Wood University Studies

  • Certificate of Completion       The Makings of a Great Subfloor
  • Certificate of Completion       Managing Concrete Subfloor Moisture With Wood Flooring
  • Certificate of Completion       Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs

NWFA Inspectors Symposium and Exposition, Nashville Tennessee.
  • Relative humidity in the Home 
  • Industry and ASTM Standards 
  • Dimensional change coefficients 
  • The role of the professional consultant 
  • Wood species identification 
  • Wood inspection scenarios 
  • Environmental effects on wood flooring  
  • Legal responsibilities of the inspector
NWFA Inspectors Symposium and Exposition, St Louis, Missouri.
  • Inspecting process of collecting data in an unbiased manner
  • Supporting the final conclusion / cause with facts
  • New Construction claims / expansion and shrinkage of wood systems
  • Fastener Types and performance
  • Understanding Legal Issues with conducting the inspection
  • Sound Control Systems and potential areas of concern
  • Concrete crack isolation and sound control

Bona Sand and Finish School with Certification of Completion
  • Explaining and Understanding Homeowner Expectations
  • Bona Adhesive Systems and Abrasive Systems
  • Bona Sanding Guidelines - Screen, Disc or Pad
  • Bona Sanding Equipment - Multi Disk, Edgers, and Dust Containment
  • Bona Staining and Finishing Systems
  • Jobsite Preparation
  • Finish Applicators and application rates
  • Bona Waterborne / Oil-Modified Systems
  • Bona DriFast Sealers
  • Bona Maintenance and Home Care Systems
  • Bona Prep and Recoat Systems
  • 12 Commandments of Hardwood Floor Finishing

NWFA Concrete Preparation for Wood Floors School / Mike Dittmer NWFA Regional Instructor
  • Concrete Slab Construction
  • ACI standards for vapor barrier under concrete
  • Moisture Testing of Concrete
  • Grinding and Contamination Removal
  • ASTMF 2170 In situ relative moisture testing procedures.
  • Moisture control and vapor containment systems

Mohawk Inspectors Summit / Invitation Only
  • Mohawk Vendor Compliance Program
  • Understanding Wood Checks and Splits
  • Rotary Peel and Slice Cut Veneers
  • Engineered Cross Ply ConstructionnFormation Due to Dimensional Changes
  • Wood Texturing: Wirebrushing, Sandblasted, Saw Marks, Hand Scraping
  • Uniclic Locking Systems
  • Understanding Moisture and Moisture Testing
  • Floating Subfloor Systems over Concrete

Litigation Support Services

Your best chance

  • Of winning in a court of law is 50%.
  • Of hiring the right Expert Witness is 33%.
  • Of winning without an Expert Witness is 8%.
  • Of winning with an Expert Witness is 93%.
  • Of hiring the right attorney is 60%.
  • Of winning with any attorney is 50%; excluding Matlock and Perry Mason.

Source: Professional Expert Witness Forum 2010

1986 to 2010 IICRC and FCITS  Carpet - Vinyl - LVT - VCT - Wood - Litigation Support Services


  • IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector
  • IICRC Regional Supervisor
  • IICRC Master Textile cleaner
  • FCITS Carpet Inspector
  • FCITS Hard Surface Inspector
  • FCITS Woven Inspector
  • Carpet Cleaning Technician
  • Journeyman Textile Cleaner
  • Water Restoration /Damage Technician
  • Color Repair Technician
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician
  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician
  • Odor Control Technician
  • Carpet Reburling Training
  • Carpet repairs Technician
  • Spot Cleaning Technician 
  • Spot Dyeing Technician

Educational and Industry Seminars and Certificates:
Clean Care Seminars
  • Advanced On-Location Carpet Cleaning
  • Installation and Repair of Carpeting
  • Flood Damage Restoration of Carpeting
  • Owner / Manager Training

I, Mike Urban Wood Flooring Inspections am a Certified Wood Flooring Inspector licensed by National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professionals Inc. (NWFACP) a division of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) of Chesterfield Missouri. As such, I am qualified to provide impartial third party inspections of any and all issues associated with solid wood, engineered wood and laminate flooring.

I have 30 years of professional experience in the flooring industry, having worked for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in various capacities. I am an active member of the NWFACP and have completed all qualifying courses. As a result of this training I have a firm understanding of wood floor characteristics, performance, and installation guidelines. 

As a licensed inspector with NWFA, I am bound, without reservation, by their Standards of Professional Conduct. As part of this standard, I am obligated to inspect wood floors responsibly and in an unbiased manner and to draw my conclusions based on testing, observation and related industry standards.

This report is based exclusively on facts surrounding the issues that I was commissioned to inspect. This report will give reference to relevant industry standards published by, but not limited to NWFA and/or manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. This report will reveal all of the material facts but will not contain personal opinions of myself or any other party. As an independent third party I cannot be held accountable for any false data provided to me by the commissioning party or by any other source.



About the NWFA:

The NWFA is recognized as the hardwood flooring industry’s watchdog and is highly regarded by wood flooring professionals throughout North America. Many domestic and foreign wood flooring manufacturers and suppliers are also members of this association. The NWFA encompasses all sectors of the wood flooring industry and provides the standards and guidelines that are recommended for manufacturers, distributors, installers, sanders and finishers.  These standards and guidelines are the industry benchmarks for the proper manufacturing, installation, and sustaining performance of wood floors.